The Team

7p/10e stars CHRIS ALVARADO, whom portrays Patrick, a charming, somewhat sarcastic contractor with a career criminal for a mother. AVITAL ASH is Cora, an enchanting, dry-humored architect with a dog, who was adopted by Southern parents when she was a baby. KYLE MCCULLOUGH plays Patrick’s Panglossian, pizza-loving roommate, Cody. Film and television star ALISON PILL portrays herself.

7p/10e was created by Avital Ash in late 2013. It was originally inspired by a six-month journey Avital would take to Israel to volunteer. Already a working actress and creative in the film industry, she was looking for ways to continue creating quality original content with talented friends in Los Angeles, even while thousands of miles away. Technical difficulties prohibited the series from actually taking place while she was abroad, but she refined the story, and put a solid team together when she returned.

Los Angeles based filmmaker SAMMI COHEN came on board to join Alvarado, Ash and McCullough. The four collaboratively produced, outlined, and developed the entire series. There was no script, so each episode was fully improvised by the actors, often drawing inspiration from their own lives.

Redefining the term ‘shoestring budget,’ the entire series was shot for $103, with no cameras or sound equipment outside of their laptops. Screen capture software and Skype caught all the moments seen in the series itself. This original story and concept, as well as the intrigue of a fully improvised feature length presentation, with content released daily for all of January, proved to be all that was needed to assemble an incredible team to dedicate their time and pull in such top rate talent. Since Alvardo, Ash, Cohen, and McCullough made up the entire crew (and most of the cast!) this led to everyone getting the chance to tackle all of the many production challenges required to put together such an ambitious project. The four were able to use their wealth of film and TV experience, contributing to all areas of filmmaking as needed.